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  • Nitric oxide supplements (with L-Arginine) were shown in clinical studies to produce greater total gains in strength and lean body mass.*

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Read about the Clinical Study done on nitric oxide and bodybuilding.*

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What is Nitric Oxide & How Does it Work?

Only Quality Nitric Oxide Will Help Maximize Your Workout To Ensure Maximum Muscle Growth and Body Strengthening

Premium Nitric Oxide ExtractOK, first things first- it is important to understand that not all nitric oxide supplements are created equal. Only a high quality nitric oxide product is going to get you the physique you want. Specifically, the most effective nitric oxide supplement contains clinically proven nitric oxide boosting ingredients such as L-Arginine (AAKG) and L-Citrulline plus has a synergistic blend of nitric oxide boosting ingredients (such as Pine Bark and Beetroot extracts, Quercetin, Fenugreek and Tribulus Terrestris) with no additives, preservatives or unrelated ingredients.

Why L-Arginine and L-Citrulline? These are the amino acids proven most effective for nitric oxide production during clinical studies such as the one found in the Journal of Sports Medicine & Physical Fitness. Anything less will have a reduced impact on your muscle growth and ultimate workout results.

What is Nitric Oxide and how does it work? Nitric Oxide is a free radical gas found in mammal tissue. The production of nitric oxide causes vasodilation (an expansion) in the internal diameter of blood vessels allowing them to become more relaxed which means that blood flow is enhanced, generating an increase in oxygen and essential nutrients needed to build bigger muscles. Furthermore, nitric oxide affects the release of testosterone and adrenaline, speeding growth whilst also aiding recovery time of muscles. Quite simply put, nitric oxide increases the body's potential for swifter muscle mass gain and effective recovery post workout.

What is the Key to Maximum Muscle Growth with Nitric Oxide?

The key to ultimate enhanced superior muscle growth is the nitric oxide boosting amino acids L-Arginine (AAKG) and L-Citrulline that work synergistically with other nitric oxide boosting ingredients such as Pine Bark and Beetroot extracts, Quercetin, Fenugreek and Tribulus Terrestris as found in supplements like Nitric Oxide Premium.

Extensive research has documented the power that nitric oxide has on increasing blood flow, oxygen transport and delivery of nutrients to muscles in humans, helping them grow. Nitric oxide production is significantly enhanced when NO pre-cursers are intorduced (such as L-Arginine and L-Citrulline), raising nitric oxide production to optimum levels, ensuring supercharged workout results, leading to superior muscle growth and enhanced performance.

While many muscle growth supplements exert only one effect on the body, Nitric Oxide Premium™ sets itself apart as a dual-action solution that not only enhances muscle development during exercise, but also aids recovery after your workout.

L-Arginine (AAKG) & L-Citrulline Rev Up Nitric Oxide Production

L-Arginine (AAKG) and L-Citrulline (amino acids) are precursors for nitric oxide production in our bodies. When we exercise, nitric oxide is produced naturally however, by introducing specific nitric oxide boosting ingredients, nitric oxide production can be increased leading to enhanced blood flow and oxygen throughout the body delivering the ultimate boost optimizing enhanced muscle bulk and growth.

Additionally, these amino acids also facilitate the removal of exercise-induced lactic acid build-up during workouts which in effect reduces fatigue increasing endurance and extended performance.

What's the Science Behind Nitric Oxide?

And Does It Really Work?

Science behind Nitric OxideNitric Oxide supplements are safe and have been proven effective in clinical studies. However, some manufactures develop inferior products that reduce the effect these supplements will have on your body building and muscle growth goals.

A widely reviewed clinical study of nitric oxide was published in the Journal of Sports Medicine & Physical Fitness, where they researched the effect of nitric oxide supplements on muscle growth and body mass. The clinical trial supports the positive effect that nitric oxide has on muscle growth and lean body mass. You can see the full clinical study by Clicking here.

So, to recap, a premium quality nitric oxide product works to increase nitric oxide levels in the human body, which allows for increased blood flow, oxygen transport, delivery of nutrients to skeletal muscles helping them grow during your workout and recover effectively post workout.

The amino acids L-Arginine AAKG and L-Citrulline, plus a synergistic blend of boosting ingredients assist in even greater production levels of nitric oxide ensuring a supercharged workout for ultimate muscle growth in the gym. No wonder it has been all over the news, for good reason. But, make sure you only buy a premium nitric oxide product, with the ultimate 'amino acid and nitric oxide boosting ingredients' that will actually help you achieve significant results, not just some powder in a pill.